18th-century London paintings meet Google Street View – in pictures

In a fine example of the changing faces of a city and the ways we document our surroundings, Halley Docherty has taken 18th and 19th-century paintings of London and superimposed them on to present-day Google Street View screenshots, making a collage of London then and now.

efd40a35-7c43-46d4-be14-946c2017eec9-1024x768 5baa57d8-9b6d-4617-953f-ce3797f9027c-1024x768 6db142c6-e6a2-46c9-8f8f-317e23116cab-1024x768 11c69323-664e-484e-a24e-51c3d880f829-1024x768 48ec3a31-7fa3-48c0-9f15-5e45aa527156-1024x768 82b12a4a-19fc-48d7-bd71-5c79f9cc4688-1024x768 88bf6dfc-34e8-4faf-a973-17d453bc42a0-1024x768 bd2e100f-fcc5-43e0-9e94-ae2866d81859-1024x768 c48eba51-2aff-46e8-a8a8-e1c8ac87a5f6-1024x768 ec7d10fa-db0c-4d96-a3dc-3629dfe54134-1024x768

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